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Disclaimer: This Kit is for information only, and is not intended to restrict Review Officers or the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal in their determination of matters. Refer to the Pay Equity Act for exact interpretation.

This publication is available in MS Word as a fillable accessible document on request from the Pay Equity Office by email at AskPayEquity​

The purpose of the Pay Equity Act (the Act) is to redress systemic gender discrimination in compensation for work performed by employees in female job classes. Section 4 (1):

Systemic gender discrimination in compensation shall be identified by undertaking comparisons between each female job class in an establishment and the male job classes in the establishment in terms of compensation and in terms of the value of the work performed. Section 4 (2)

You need to retain all information and documents that pertain to pay equity as there is no limitation period in the Act. This means that an employer or former employee may launch a complaint about non-compliance at any time and an investigation into the complaint may be retroactive to the date when the employer should have implemented pay equity.

About this K​it

This Kit sets out the basic steps for achieving pay equity under the Act for private sector employers. It is most suitable for employers who came into existence after January 1, 1988 or who were in existence on that date but had less than 100 employees. Employers who had 100 or more employees on December 31, 1987 are required to follow the steps set out in Part II of the Act.

We recommend that you refer to the Guide to​ Interpret​ing Ontario's Pay Equity Act​​ for detailed information about the law's requirements and to determine if Part II applies to you.

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